Welcome to our digital conversation on the new Velindre Cancer Centre
Down to Earth is working with Velindre University NHS Trust to gather feedback on the updated reference design of the new Velindre Cancer Centre. 

Where the survey refers to “we”, the voice is that of Velindre University NHS Trust.

We all want the new Velindre Cancer Centre to be the greenest hospital in the UK.

This survey is an opportunity for you to influence its design and how it could benefit the local community.

Your feedback will be included in an information pack we will share with potential developers as part of our design conversation over the competitive dialogue process which lasts until mid 2022.

The survey is now closed. Please check back to this website for further updates.
Why your opinion is important
Where are we right now with the updated reference design?Over the past twelve months, the reference design included in our outline planning application has been refined following feedback from the local community, patients and our staff. The original design was based on a brief that included principles we continue to follow such as:
  • a green and zero carbon facility
  • enhancing biodiversity
  • encouraging community involvement
Now, we have a new draft and we want you to consider it and influence the next steps in the process.

Why are we asking for your opinion now?We want to know your opinion on the updated reference design as it will inform the design process over the next 12 months.
What will it look like in practice?Between now and July 2021, we’re encouraging as many of you as possible to take part in a digital conversation so that we can capture your opinions on the design. If you think you or your community group would benefit from a workshop to draw out your ideas, let us know by contacting hello@fitforthefuture.uk.
What does the design process look like?From July 2021 onwards, we will work with 3 developers who competitively refine and improve the updated reference design taking into account the feedback you provide so that they can deliver the best design and the best value for money. When the process concludes, Velindre University NHS Trust will evaluate the bids.
When will we select the final design and developer?The developer with the best design which meets the Design Brief will be appointed in July 2022.
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